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The Day You Were Born Gifts

When celebrating a milestone birthday or anniversary, it’s always so much fun to remember what life was like way back when! These unique The Day You Were Born gifts are the perfect way to reminisce and find out more about life back in the good old days.

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Every Birthday Front Page for All 75 Years!

Best 75th Birthday Gift Ideas - Looking for a unique birthday gift for 75 year old? Impress him or her with The New York Times Ultimate Birthday book...every birthday front page for the entire year! Click for details, or to see 50+ awesome gift ideas for 75 year olds.

Our best-seller, this elegant book is perfect for any milestone birthday! It features every birthday front page of The New York Times from the day the recipient was born.

The hardbound book is personalized with their name on the front in elegant gold lettering.

The set also includes a keepsake bronze coin,extra pages for mementos, and a certificate of authenticity.


Enjoy Free Shipping on up to 2 Custom Birthday Books or Ultimate Birthday Books at The New York Times Store!  Valid through 12/31/2019.


Handsome personalized print is sure to be a conversation-starter!

It’s personalized with the recipient’s full name at the top, and includes cost of living comparisons, celebrities who share the birth date, as well as headline events and the top movies, songs and sports news.

Priced at just under $35, this also makes a great last-minute gift – it can ship out in just 2 days!

The perfect choice for the puzzle-lover! Piece together the puzzle to reveal the front page of The New York Times from any day you choose.

You can choose a 300 piece puzzle that has larger, easy-to-maneuver puzzle pieces, or you can choose a 500 or 1000 piece puzzle that has smaller pieces and is a bit more challenging.

This striking keepsake book reproduces one edition (up to 80 pages) of the New York Times from any day you choose.

Get an in-depth look of what happened on your special day.

The recipient's name and birthdate are personalized on the cover.

Delightful personalized coffee mug is sure to be a hit – and at under $15, it’s a wonderful lower-cost gift!

The mug features the recipient’s birthday and year of birth on the back and the birth date on the front.

The back also features the names of celebrities that share the birthday, as well as the most popular movies and songs from the time.

It makes a wonderful stand-alone gift, or you could add it to a gift basket for a special treat.​

A fabulous gift to mark any momentous occasion in life – birthday, anniversary or retirement!

Features a custom-printed copy of the front page of the New York Times for any day you chose. (You can also choose to get an inner page if you prefer – click here to see more information).

Available in 3 different sizes – choose framed or unframed.

A wonderful present for the man or woman who has everything!​

Personalized Birthday Chronicle

Milestone Birthday Gifts - Personalized birthday chronicle features the top news stories from the day you were born.

Personalized birthday chronicle features the top news stories from the day you were born.    

The 8.5" x 11" gift looks especially nice when presented in a frame.  A fun look back at what was going on 75 years ago!

Birthday News Photo Canvas

Milestone Birthday Gift Ideas - Love this personalized canvas that features the headline news and events from the day you were born!

How fun is this personalized photo canvas?  Unique gift features fun historical facts from the recipient's birthdate.

Personalize with a favorite photo, name and birthdate, as well as a caption over the picture. 

Original Newspaper from the Day You Were Born

Original Newspaper from any date - a fabulous milestone birthday gift!

Take a stroll down memory lane with an original newspaper from any date since the 1800s!

These carefully-preserved newspapers come with a certificate of authenticity.

Choose from 3 different presentations: a vinyl cover (pictured here), a personalized deluxe case, or a binder embossed with the recipient’s name.

Original LIFE Magazine 

Day You Were Born Gifts - Stroll back through time with an original old Life magazine from the week you were born. A unique gift for any milestone birthday!

Stroll back in time with the wonderful photography and reporting from a vintage LIFE magazine.

The original LIFE magazine is available from the week he or she was born, or from any special date. 

A fabulous way to commemorate a milestone birthday!

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