75th Birthday Cakes

The cake always takes center stage at any party, so the pressure is on when choosing 75th birthday cakes! Here are some show-stopping cakes for a little inspiration.

I’ve included both cakes that you can probably make at home, as well as ones that might provide a little inspiration if you’re going to have your birthday cake custom-made.

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How to Make Number Cakes

How to Make Number Cakes

If you’re planning to make a 75th birthday cake yourself, an easy way to impress is to bake the cake in the shape of the numbers 75.

You can buy specialty number cake pans at or your local craft store) for around $20 each.

The Wilton letter and number cake pan set pictured above is under $25. It’s a great buy if you think you’ll want to make more cakes in the shape of numbers or letters.

If you don’t want to splash out on specialty cake pans, use this handy chart pictured above to see how to cut round and square cakes in the numbers 7 and 5.

Tiered Sprinkle Cake with Glittery Candles

Tiered 75th Birthday Cake with Glittery Candles

This is actually a custom made cake by Great Cakes in the Outer Banks.

It’s well beyond my abilities (which admittedly are very slim), but some of you more talented bakers make be able to replicate it.

75th Birthday Cake Toppers

Homemade cakes are the most delicious, and you probably have a favorite cake recipe you’d love to use.

The easiest way to transform any cake in to a spectacular 75th birthday cake is to simply add a cake topper, like the one pictured above.

Amazon has a great selection of 75th birthday cake toppers in a variety of styles and colors (I’ve featured of few of my favorites in the links below.

Golf Themed Number 75 Cake

Golf Themed Number 75 Cake

Here’s a cute homemade golf cake, but this one shows you some of the fun things you can do with the number cakes.

There are no directions for this one, but it looks to me like they used fondant to make the decorations.

You could probably do some of the same with fruit rollups and flattened out Starbursts (candy on a cake can only be a good thing, right?)

75th Birthday Bingo Cake

Bingo Themed 75th Birthday Cake

If you’re planning a Bingo-themed party, or the celebrant is just someone who really enjoys Bingo, this is a fun and easy cake that you could make at home.

1947 Was a Very Good Year Personalized Cake Edible Image

1947 Was a Very Good Year Edible Cake image - personalize with your favorite picture

Give your cake a professional look – and a personalized touch with this unique personalized 1947 cake image.

The artist will add the guest of honor’s name and age, and will then mail your the edible image.

All that you have to do is gently press the image onto your frosted cake to create a sure-to-impress 75th birthday cake!

Click here to see the complete selection of matching party supplies – including decorations, plates, napkins and balloons.

75th Birthday Fishing Cake

Fishing Birthday Cake for Men - Looking for a cute birthday cake idea for a fisherman?  Check out this fun fishing themed birthday cake!

Looking for a great 75th birthday cake for Dad, Grandpa or another man who enjoys fishing? This adorable fishing cake features a bobber and fishing line, but it’s the 3-D bass that really makes it stand out.

Most of the cake would be fairly easy to make with the right piping tips. And you can get fun 3-D fish decorations on Amazon, such as these pictured below:

Slot Machine 75th Birthday Cake

75th Birthday Slot Machine Cake

Planning a party for a gambler? This adorable slot machine cake would be sure to steal the show!

The picture was posted over at Cake Central, but unfortunately the cake artist didn’t leave any instructions.

I’m assuming it was done by a professional, or at least someone with impressive cake decorating talent!

If you’re looking for an easy way to decorate a 75th birthday slot-machine cake, simply add this cute slot machine edible cake topper to any cake.

Custom 75th Birthday Edible Image

Turn into cake, either home-made or bought, into a unique masterpiece by adding a unique edible image on the top.

Check with your local baker or grocery store, or you can place an order with this seller on Amazon.

Edible images are available for standard size sheet cakes, round cakes or cupcakes.

Add a favorite picture (or a collage of pictures) of the birthday guest of honor to create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that’s sure to be the hit of the party!

Fondant-covered Number 75 Birthday Cake

Fondant covered Number 75 Birthday Cake

Here’s an example I found on Pinterest of a simple yet elegant number 75 birthday cake that’s decorated with fondant.

There weren’t any directions, but it might give you a bit of inspiration.

DIY Golf Themed Birthday Cake

Homemade 75th Birthday Golf Cake

What a clever (and easy) idea for a golf-themed party!

The gummy life saver hole-in-one is a fun touch, as are the cupcakes decorated to look like golf balls surrounding the cake.

This could probably be adapted to other sporting themes as well.

75th Birthday Cupcake Toppers

If you’re planning to serve cupcakes, the easiest way to decorate them is to simply add 75th birthday cupcake toppers. Cupcake toppers are cheap (the gold glitter ones pictured above from Amazon are under $10) and they really make your dessert table pop.

Here are some of my favorite cupcake toppers from Amazon:

Photo Birthday Cake with Flowers

Photo Birthday Cake with Flowers

What a sweet way to show off some of your favorite photos of the birthday celebrant!

They used edible photo images on top of the cake (and I love how they outlined the images with frosting so that it looks like frames).

They then surrounded the base of the cake with more photos (regular, not edible). No direction, unfortunately.

Old Guys Rule Birthday Cake

Funny 75th Birthday Cake for Men - Old Guys Rule

A clever and easy birthday cake for the guy with a sense of humor about turning older!

There weren’t any directions, but I think you could do this pretty easily with fondant (or fruit-rollups, if you’re intimidated by the idea of fondant).

Unique 75th Birthday Spinner Cake

Unique 75th Birthday Spinner Cake

I think this cake is so much fun! Fortunately, there are complete directions on the Wilton site.

They rate the cake as “Easy”, so it must be one of those impressive-looking crafts that don’t require a great deal of experience. Be sure to read the comments and advise left by the users!

Funny 75th Birthday Speed Limit Cake

Funny 75th Birthday Speed Limit Cake

This clever cake is from Auntie Diggles Desserts in New Hampshire (sadly, now out of business), but I think it’s one that most of us could make at home.

Or you could probably show the picture to the bakers at your local grocery store or Walmart to have them replicate it.

Birthday Cake with Cupcakes

75th Birthday Cake with Cupcakes

Another cake without directions, but it was just so cute (and looks pretty easy) that I had to show you.

Although the cake itself is cute, what I like best are the whimsical cupcakes surrounding it. You could do this with just about any theme.

If you’re not the type to make fondant figurines for the cupcakes, you could see what kind of pre-made ones they have at your local craft store. You could also use silk or plastic flowers or figurines.

Beach Themed Cake

Beach Themed Birthday Cake

I’m a beach lover, anyone, so maybe that’s why I love this cake so much! Although it’s very impressive, it’s not quite as hard as you might think – the shells are actually white chocolate that she painted with perl dust.

The fence is gumpaste, but the chair is actually a purchased wooden chair.

You can find out more details at Cake Central.

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