1942 Was a Very Good Year Party Theme | 75th Birthday Ideas

1942 Was a Very Good Year Party Theme

Looking for a sure-to-impress 75th birthday party theme that’s also very easy to put together? Then this is the perfect party idea!

You can order all the party supplies you need for this theme at Amazon.

They offer everything from yard signs to banners to confetti to matching plates and napkins - it's so easy to design a stylish and fun party!

You can even order a matching edible cake image - just add the image to any cake!​

The colors are primarily red, black and white, so it’s easy to add solid color accessories if you’d like – which is a great way to save a bit of money.

You could also do this theme on your own, using whatever colors you’d like, or embellish the theme further.

The People History is an easy way to find out cost of living and historical trivia about what life in 1942 was like.

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