75th Birthday Ideas - Best Party Themes, Gifts and Invitations

75th Birthday Gift Ideas

What do you buy for someone who is 75? You’ll find loads of suggestions here!

We’ve got everything from luxurious gifts to small trinkets – you’re sure to find a present that suits perfectly.

Whether you’re shopping for a friend, your Mom or Dad, or your grandparents, you’ll find a present that they’re sure to appreciate and remember.

Create an elegant 75th birthday garden party for your favorite lady!

Party Ideas

A milestone birthday like this deserves a memorable party!

Whether you’re planning an at-home event, a formal dinner and dance, or something in between, you’re sure to find unique ideas that are the perfect way to celebrate.

Be sure to check out our helpful tips on planning a fabulous party.


The perfect party starts with a fun and informative invitation!

Set the tone for a blow-out celebration with one of these sure-to-please 75th birthday invites.

We’ve got everything from photo invitations to colorful invites to formal occasion invitations – which can all be customized to suit your needs.

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75th Birthday Ideas - Fun Ways to Celebrate a 75th Birthday!

This milestone event calls for a memorable celebration, but not everyone enjoys a party. Here are a few other ways to celebrate a loved one’s (or your own) 75th birthday:

Visit Memorable Sites

Someone who is celebrating their dodranscentennial (I had to look the official name up) has loads of memories. There are so many places and people that have been important to them over their life, and they may not have seen these places in years.

A trip to see some of those special places is an event that you’ll both enjoy, and a memory that you’ll both cherish.

Before you go you might want to take some time to make sure that you have the correct addresses. After all many of the buildings and places will changed over the past 75 years, and the birthday man or woman may not immediately recognize these places.

Create a Slideshow

Another great way to celebrate a milestone event is to create a slide show using favorite photos from the person’s lifetime. You might try asking family and friends for their favorite photos so that you get a wider selection.

If the photos are not in digital format, then you’ll need to scan them into your computer. You can then use your favorites photo editing software to make a slide show. Don’t forget to add music to create a really unique show!

If you need help with this you might try asking a teenager to help you. Most teams can do this quickly without any problem!

Take a Special Trip

Does the birthday man or woman have any special trips that they’ve always wanted to take? Taking a once-in-a-lifetime trip is a marvelous way to celebrate the 75th!

If possible, bring along as many family members or friends for an extraordinary celebration. A cruise or a resort stay makes it easy to find events for people in all age ranges and activity levels will enjoy.

Find Their Old Friends on Facebook

Is the senior active on Facebook? If not, you could think about setting up a Facebook account for them. Look up their friends and family members and ask them to send messages for their birthday. You could also try to track down old school friends that they may have lost touch with!

He or she will enjoy looking at their friend’s pages and seeing what everyone is up to. 75 definitely isn’t too old for Facebook – my mother-in-law (who is in her 80s and isn’t tech savvy in the least) feels that she has to limit her Facebook time to under 2 hours per day!