75th Birthday Party Favors

How to Choose 75th Birthday Party Favors

A 75th birthday is a milestone that begs for a celebration. Creative party favors can match your party theme and color scheme.

75th birthday party favors are great takeaway gifts for your guests to enjoy at the celebration and for times after the party. Today’s Internet technology makes shopping from the comfort of your home for your party favors easy and hassle-free. You can see and select the perfect favor, in the colors of your choice, before you purchase anything.

Edible Favors

Edible party favors are more than just handing out candies or liquids. Edible party favors are thoughtful gifts and theme coordinated. Candies, both regular flavored or sugar-free, can be placed in wrappers that have the celebrant’s name, picture and the birthday date on the cover. If there is a candy buffet at the party; you can have personalized candy gift bags.

Other personalized edible favors include waterproof labels on water bottles, wine samplers and beer bottles; sample packages of fortune cookies or microwavable popcorn; different tea flavors, hot cocoa, gourmet coffees, K-cups, cocktail drink mixes; and small sample jars of maple syrup or different flavored jams.

Party Favors for Adults

A variety of party favors are more appropriate for the adult guests. These party souvenirs are personalized coffee mugs, coasters, shot glasses, champagne and wine glasses, wine bottle toppers and openers, beer mugs, and lottery ticket holders with a ticket inside.

Most of the party favors for grown-ups can be decorated and color coordinated with the party’s theme, the celebrant’s name, picture, and birth date.

Personalized Party Favors

There are endless possibilities for personalized party favors that will have your guests remembering your special event for days, months and years to come. Favors that can be placed in personalized tins, clear jars or glass vases include mints, bath bubbles, hand cream, flower petals and aromatic oils.

You can give small tubes of sunscreen lotion or lip balm to those who enjoy the outdoors. Refrigerator magnets, ice cream scoops or hanging ornaments with the celebrant’s name and picture are favorite takeaway gifts for everyone.

Another household favor is freezable objects with special shapes that can be used as ice cubes such as golf balls, tennis balls, martini olives, cherries, and sports team logos. Key chains can have a younger picture of the birthday person on one side and a current picture on the other side for a perfect then-and-now gift.

A celebratory mouse pad with a picture of the birthday person is a useful favor and a great daily reminder of a special person and a great event. Personalized small notepads, address books, pocket calendars and pens are memorable favors appreciated by everyone.

Personalized candles and an accompanying match box make a winning combination and provide an aromatic pleasure.

DIY Party Favors

If you’re the crafty sort, or want to save a bit of money of party favors, consider making your own. DIY party favors definitely display an added personal touch.

Coffee mugs or tea cups can be decorated using porcelain painter pens that are available in a variety of colors. You can buy blank lapel pins with plastic covers and then insert special pictures of the birthday person under the covers. A pin is something that people can wear during and after the party.

Ordering Party Favors Online

You put a lot of time and thought into creating the perfect 75th birthday celebration and ordering your party favors online is a convenient, easy and cost saving way to ensure you get the ideal mementos for your event.

To avoid last minute stress or extra shipping charges, you will want to: check out the various prices; order at least two or three weeks before the party; see if there are minimum order quantities; and provide photos for personalizing favors.